What are people saying about the KG Hypnobirthing method and Amiga Birth?

Anely, who runs Amiga Birth, was a first class student on Training Alliance Group’s professional Clinical Hypnotherapy course, run through TAG Academy and validated by the Department for Education. She went on to supplement her therapy training by specialising in HypnoBirthing. I can fully vouch for Anely’s capabilities and professionalism for anyone wishing to take advantage of her services at Amiga Birth and indeed for all other therapeutic interventions in which Anely specialises-Robert Russell Phd

KG Hypnobirthing mothers never ask you what is happening to them.  They know what is happening to them. – Sarah (Midwife)

KG Hypnobirthing is not just about relaxation and breathing techniques…..it is much, much more than that. – Josephine- KGH Mother

It completely changed my life.  It was wonderful. – Andy-KGH father

I found that my expectations were completely different to what was actually taught.  I imagined hypnobirthing to be a quick fix for labour pains, when actually hypnobirthing is something requiring commitment that can be used to bring much more positive experiences throughout pregnancy, birth and beyond.  This course will most definitely impact on my future practice in a positive way. – Jennie(Midwife)